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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Universal Translator Online!

Hello, and welcome to the Universal Translator, a blog dedicated to the alien written languages of Star Trek. Here, I will discuss the inner workings of the alien scripts from Star Trek and how they can be used to write down information. This blog is a spin-off from the LCARS 47 project; I originally posted there but we all agreed my subject matter warranted its own space.  

This project is a way of explaining how alien written languages can be 'written' in as much as the alien written languages as seen in Star Trek are simply set decoration and don't translate into anything really. Although non-canon, I will nevertheless endeavour to create alien scripts and writing structures that closely follow on screen text samples, while at the same time having an alien flavour to them.

I hope you all enjoy our work, and I look forward to any feedback!


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  1. Hi Greig.

    If you would give me some access to the source it MAY be possible to run LCARS 47 on touchscreen Kindles natively.

    I believe they operate using Flash technology? we (a guy called baf) have recently ported the Gnash across to the TS kindles... I would be willing to have a look at least.